Full Colour invertible LCD User Interface

The LCD screen has a simple logo and colour coded menu system that you scroll through just as you would a mobile phone. You always know which part of the menu system that you are in. If you are rigging the fixture at an awkward angle then flip the screen.


A very simple one button check allowing rental houses and technicians to verify full functionality of the unit before it goes out.


To ease set up of the fixtures and to avoid scrolling through multiple menus, we have grouped user settings and modes into a Personality which mimics the personality that will be patched into the lighting desk.

The current software release supports 10 personalities. These range from the simplest 3 channel one that configures the unit as a white light only fixture with control of colour temperature, intensity and ZOOM to a fifteen channel option that gives the operator full control of the in-built colour engine. There is no need to switch between different modes and settings to select what is required – it has been done for you. Our Software architecture will allow us to keep adding Personalities as we develop them or as technology moves forward.

Choice of Control

As well as the traditional DMX control protocol with RDM functionality, the ilumo supports ArtNET through the Ethernet port.

There is also an IR sensor on the lens mount that allows for simple control with a standard TV remote if the circumstances require it.

The fixture supports software upgrades through the DMX or Ethernet port. The Ethernet Boot loader means that future software upgrades can be quickly accessed via a PC or laptop without the need for a USB dongle. Just connect a patch or crossover cable (autosensing) between the computer and the fixture and new firmware is quickly uploaded. Ethernet boot loading also supports simultaneous upgrading of multiple fixtures on the same network.

Colour Calibrated LED

Every unit is electronically calibrated in-house and our world leading ‘real time’ software ensures complete consistency between colours in all units.

Colour Match™ (Patent Pending)

A unique feature that we have is the ability to change any of our primary colours to match the primary colours of another manufacturers light unit; whether it be an LED Unit or a traditional incandescent light source. If you want to change our red, blue or green to match that of another light unit then you can, easily and quickly using CIE colour coordinates or colour filter numbers. This feature is not available in any other LED based colour mixing lighting fixture currently in the market place and affords the lighting designer the ability to improve the colour quality of the whole installation. Once the primaries have been set in one unit, these settings can then be uploaded to other ilumos on the data network at the touch of a button.

Colour Crossfade Engine™
(Patent Pending)

The Colour Crossfade Engine eliminates the unwanted issue of an LED unit outputting intermediate colours, or the Lighting Engineer having to black a fixture out when fading from one colour to another from an inbuilt colour palette or “virtual colour wheel”. We are the first company in the world to offer virtually seamless fade when moving from colour to colour. Future software upgrades will allow the lighting designer to upload custom colour palettes as if they were configuring a standard colour scroller.

Extensive Colour Selection Controls

The ilumo is market leading in terms of the ability for the user to select the colour output in various ways from basic three channel RGB control, HSI modes and CIE xy co- ordinates. The unit has a ‘built in’ colour pallet that allows the user to quickly select and save favourite colours and palettes across multiple units.


The calibrated colour engine enables any white point to be generated from 2600k to 6500k. When using 3 channel RGB control it is possible to set the white point generated from the range above when all three channels are at 100%. With many LED fixtures setting all RGB channels to full produces an indeterminate colour. In real time, the fixture software adjusts the LED drive parameters to give maximum output from the luminaire while providing precise colour control. The configurable white point also applies to HSI modes where the colour temperature of the white produced at full de-saturation can be programmed.

The ilumo is a high power, high efficiency LED soft edged Spot unit with full colour mixing optics and remote motorised zoom featuring 12 High Brightness Osram LEDs controlled by market leading software.

Remote Motorised Zoom

Our remote motorised zoom gives a tight beam angle of 8° zooming out to 45° making it an ideal solution for both soft edged Spot and Wash effects.

Quietness of Operation

The unique design of the ilumo is very thermally efficient. The unit is actively cooled with super quiet fans under software speed control. The quietness of operation makes the ilumo ideal for TV and Theatre applications while keeping the LEDs in the fixture running at their optimum temperature.

Smooth Dimming & Anti Flicker Control

In many LED units there is a compromise and a need to select between TV Mode and Tungsten dimming. It is not possible to have ultra smooth dimming and anti-flicker for TV at the same time. Our sophisticated electronics allows for ultra smooth dimming with flicker free operation as standard without the need to select different modes. The fixture software also allows the user through a control channel or the user interface to adjust the dimming decay rate of the LEDs to precisely match other fixtures on the lighting rig.

Smooth Dimming has been a perennial problem associated with TV and theatre use and our software has eliminated the issue. The fade when dimming is seamless and smooth. Likewise our Anti-Flicker PWM Control is particularly appreciated in TV Studio application.

When we designed the ilumo we wanted to ensure that we gave our units a long life. One of the complaints about other LED units on the market was that they soon became ‘frozen in their capabilities’. How have we achieved this ‘future proofing’?

Software Architecture

Each ilumo unit incorporates two next-generation KinetisTM ARM® CortexTM-M4-based microcontrollers providing a powerful, flexible, yet robust processing platform. Coupled with this our software architecture has been designed to be highly scalable; new features and functionality can be added with great ease to ensure that we not only keep up with the latest technological developments but that we also as a company continue to lead the way and constantly challenge the ‘status quo’.

Physical Design

Input from Riggers throughout the design processe gave us a floor standing and flown fixture truly fit for purpose. The yoke provides multiple rigged solutions with ease of cable connectivity, clear LCD line of sight and secure loop for safety chaining. It also functions beautifully as a ‘Floor Standing Up Lighter’.

Compact, of predominantly recyclable aluminium construction, it is both practical yet aesthetically pleasing. Using local suppliers embracing both traditional and modern high tech engineering processes, the ilumo is an ergonomically flexible fixture that is balanced and sturdy; light enough for ease of handling, but solid enough to withstand the rigors of the professional staging arena.

Modular Design Philosophy

Our modular design philosophy involving both physical and electronic concepts means that we can easily develop new products within the ilumo family through transporting these concepts into different form and function depending upon the requirements of different market sectors within LED lighting.

Accessories include an Adapter Bracket for mounting lighting accessories such as Barn Doors and a Moving Yoke; available soon, providing motorized Pan & Tilt into which the ilumo unit can be simply and quickly docked. Another design first for Lumonic.